Top Picks | Our Favorite Indoor Riders

When it comes to finding the perfect indoor bike trainer, every cyclist has their own vision of what’s best. You may be looking for the lowest price to match your budget or you may be a serious rider and want the most durable machine on the market. Perhaps you want a combination of value, quality, and functionality. Here are our top picks and our favorite indoor riders for each category:

Best Overall Pick
Kinetic Road Machine

The Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer is a high-end heavy-duty road machine designed for use by serious cyclists. The engineers at Kinetic have set the standard for indoor fluid trainers with this top-of-the-line machine.

Best Value
Conquer Magnetic Stand

The Conquer Magnetic Stand indoor bike trainer machine is the ideal solution for cyclists who are trying to stay fit in the offseason. When the weather is bad outside, the Conquer Magnetic bike stand is the perfect solution so you can keep your training regiment going.

Best Price
Magnetic Steel Trainer by FDW

The FDW Magnet Steel Trainer is a heavy duty machine. The rugged steel frame construction of this exercise bike stand ensures durability and an extend life.