Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer


The Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer is the latest version of  Kinetic Indoor Bike Trainer. Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer is a high-end heavy-duty road machine designed for use by serious cyclists. The engineers at Kinetic have set the standard for indoor fluid trainers with this top-of-the-line machine. The fluid resistance unit of the Kinetic […]

RAD Cycle MAX Racer

RAD Cycle MAX Racer

The RAD Cycle MAX Racer is a durable indoor trainer designed for the budget conscious cyclist. Despite its low cost; the RAD Cycle MAX Racer is built with heavy duty construction so you can count on its reliability for your winter workouts. With a price level of under $100 it is easy to see why this is one of the most popular indoor riders for cyclist who want to stay in shape over the long winter without emptying their wallet. Read more

RAD Cycle MAG Trainer

RAD MAG Cycle Trainer

The RAD Cycle MAG Trainer combines quality and affordability to provide great value for an indoor rider. The RAD MAG is priced well below $100 and yet it has the same features you will find in higher cost machines. It’s heavy duty construction assures both stability and longevity. This may be the perfect choice for a recreational rider who doesn’t want to invest big bucks into bike trainer that they may only use sporadically. Read more

Bell Motivator MAG Trainer

Bell Motivator MAG Trainer

If you are searching for an affordable yet solid bike training stand, the Bell Motivator MAG Trainer may be just what you need. Get your ride in, regardless of the weather conditions outside. Ride inside your home on the Bell Motivator and enjoy a smooth quiet training session. The progressive magnetic resistance of the MAG Trainer increases in resistance as you gain speed. For even greater resistance shift the gears on your bicycle and you will notice a tremendous jump in intensity. Read more

Conquer Orange Trainer

Orange 4F

The Conquer Orange Trainer provides superb value even though Conquer is not one of the big name brands in portable bike trainers. So why is this particular model such a big hit? Perhaps it is the heavy duty construction that parallels more expensive bike trainers. With a weight of 20 LBs the Conquer Orange Trainer is entirely built using metal components. There are no flimsy plastic brackets that will break off with limited use. Maybe it’s the aesthetic appearance? The bright orange color is popular with both men and women. The high-quality orange paint is professionally applied and will keep your machine looking great for years to come. Read more

FDW Magnet Steel Trainer

FDW Magnet Steel Trainer

The FDW Magnet Steel Trainer is a heavy duty machine. The rugged steel frame construction of this exercise bike stand ensures durability and an extend life. Engineered with an integral permanent magnet the FDW features five resistance settings to match your training level. The variable resistance feature makes this machine adaptable to all fitness levels and individual workout plans. Read more

Conquer Magnetic Stand Indoor Trainer

Conquer 1F

The Conquer Magnetic Stand indoor bike trainer machine is the ideal solution for cyclists who are trying to stay fit in the offseason. When the weather is bad outside, the Conquer Magnetic bike stand is the perfect solution so you can keep your training regiment going. This heavy duty, magnetic resistance trainer will allow you can get your workout in regardless of the weather outside. When you purchase a magnetic indoor bike stand, you can keep your training plan active year round so you can stay in shape. Read more