Top Benefits of Cycling


 There Are Many Benefits to Taking Up Cycling

 There are several dozen benefits of cycling, but we’re just going to cover a handful here. We’ll give you a short overview for convenience’s sake. Whether it’s to improve your fitness, health, or bank account balance, or even as an environmental choice, it just might be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Don’t blame us if you invest in a shiny new bike after reading this article!


You can reach an average speed of 12-15 mph on a bike, but you might be stuck in traffic for several minutes if you’re driving. If you’re on a bike, you can weave in and out of places and get where you’re going faster. A bike is a good backup transportation option if you’re ever in a pinch, too.



Better Sleep

A ride in the early morning might tucker you out at first, but it’ll help you get some seriously deep sleep later that night. In one study insomniacs who biked for half an hour a day cut their time to fall asleep by half. When you exercise outside, you’re exposed to daylight. That means your circadian rhythm starts to get back to normal.

Good Looks

A Stanford University found that regular biking can protect your looks and lessen the signs of aging. When you cycle outside, you expose yourself to more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to skin cells more effectively.  Find our best indoor bike trainer here.

Increased Brainpower

When you cycle outside, you boost blood flow to the brain, which fires up and renews receptors that keep Alzheimer’s Disease at bay. You’ll also feel better, sharper, and smarter. You’ll probably be able to get more done at work. If you’re sitting there like a slug because you haven’t exercised in awhile and blood isn’t flowing to your brain, then you’re not going to be as effective. If you’ve avoided exercise for awhile because it’s not very fun, just remember that cycling is very fun. That’s why children love to bike!

Weight Loss

Cycling promotes weight loss. If you are overweight and want to lose your weight then there is a simple formula for you and that is “calories burnt must exceed calories taken”.  So if you want to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Assuming you like cycling either indoors or outdoors, you will be burning calories. In addition to cycling, you will have to reconsider your diet to lose weight.


Cycling is a low-impact exercise that’s easier on your joints than other types of cardiovascular exercise, and it’s also a lot more fun than jogging or staying in place on the elliptical and getting nowhere. It will save you money on gas, get you fit, and help the environment. Bikes aren’t all that expensive, either. When you add up the cost of a gym membership over time, a bike is actually much cheaper, especially when doing road cycling or other intensive activity.