RAD Cycle MAX Racer


The RAD Cycle MAX Racer is a durable indoor trainer designed for the budget conscious cyclist. Despite its low cost; the RAD Cycle MAX Racer is built with heavy duty construction so you can count on its reliability for your winter workouts. With a price level of under $100 it is easy to see why this is one of the most popular indoor riders for cyclist who want to stay in shape over the long winter without emptying their wallet.

The RAD Cycle MAX Racer transforms your bicycle into a stationary indoor trainer that you can use to achieve a dynamic workout. The machine utilizes a state-of-the-art magnet system that delivers progressive magnetic resistance. As your pedaling speed increases the resistance of the magnet follows suit. Take your workout to an entire new level with a choice of 7 levels of resistance. The EZ change controller clamps directly to your handlebars so you can quickly modify the resistance during your workout.

The MAX Racer can be paired with just about any standard road bike or mountain bike. The unit has a quick and easy-to-use adjustment so you can adapt the machine for bikes ranging from 26 inch to 28 inch wheels and it can also accommodate the 700cc series wheels. Of all the indoor trainers we have researched, the RAD Cycle MAX Racer seems to be the most economical choice with features and quality construction comparable to more expensive machines.


RAD MAX Features


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Design Elements of the RAD Cycle MAX Racer

  • 7 Levels of Resistance: The powerful magnetic resistance device utilizes a remote adjustment device which quickly mounts to the handle bars of your bike. Take advantage of 7 distinct levels of resistance so you can tailor your workout to simulate road conditions.
  • Front Wheel Block: The package includes a front wheel block that keeps your bike level during your workout. The block features a no-slip floor grip to keep your bike in place during a vigorous workout. Riding an indoor bike without the front wheel block can feel awkward.
  • Folds for Easy Storage: Weighing in at just 15 LBs, the RAD Cycle MAX Racer folds up in a snap for easy storage.
  • Wide Stable Base: The wide stance of the MAX Racer ensures stability during a energetic workout. The overall dimensions of the machine in the open position are 21.25” wide x 18” high x 15” deep.

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