RAD Cycle MAG Trainer

RAD MAG Cycle Trainer

The RAD Cycle MAG Trainer combines quality and affordability to provide great value for an indoor rider. The RAD MAG is priced well below $100 and yet it has the same features you will find in higher cost machines. It’s heavy duty construction assures both stability and longevity. This may be the perfect choice for a recreational rider who doesn’t want to invest big bucks into bike trainer that they may only use sporadically.

One of the more attractive features of the RAD Cycle MAG Trainer is portability. Weighing in at just 17 LBs this workout stand is easy to move around and store. The unit also folds up for easy storage, an important aspect if using the trainer in small spaces like an apartment or guest bedroom. The unit collapses like an ironing board so you can stow it in a small closet, behind your armoire, or slide it under the bed when not in use.

The engineers at RAD a.ka. “Ride All Day” have made several design improvements to the RAD MAG Cycle Trainer over time including developing a wider stance. By spreading out the legs the unit is now much more stable, just like the high-end trainers that professional riders use. When training aggressively the trainer is less likely to move around, it will remain in place while you complete your workout.

RAD MAG Features

Design Aspects of the RAD Cycle MAG Trainer

Not to be outdone by higher priced models, the design team at RAD have come up with a fantastic, low cost alternative designed with the same features found in high-end units including:

  • Machined Flywheel: The heavy-duty, 850 gram machined flywheel provides a smooth, natural riding experience. The internal magnet creates resistance the moment you start to pedal so you get a thorough workout.
  • Ultra Quiet: The RAD MAG is quiet enough that you can enjoy listening to your favorite tunes or watching the television while taking in your workout.
  • Large Capacity: The stand can handle bikes with large wheels including the standard 700cc wheels found on road bikes as well as mountain bikes with 26 inch wheels.
  • Easy Setup: Mount your bike in an instant using the quick release mechanism. You will be up and running in a jiffy. You won’t waste any time setting up your rider or detaching your bike, so you can spend more time training.
  • Durability: Use of the finest materials and proper engineering ensures extra durability.

Learn more about the features of the RAD MAG Cycle Trainer on Amazon and shop for the best price now.

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