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Outdoor cycling is a great way to stay in shape while enjoying the outdoors and taking in the fresh air. The downside of outdoor cycling is subjecting yourself to inclement weather conditions. Riding a bike in the rain is no fun whatsoever. Unless you are training for a cross-country event, you are not likely to take on the rain. For cyclists residing in northern climates, the threat of snow and ice is even worse. Have you ever tried riding a bike on ice? Don’t do it! While hardy riders may take on the cold, hail & snow are out of the question when riding on 2 wheels.

Staying in shape means sticking to your exercise regiment. A few trips on your bike in harsh weather and you start skipping your workout. The next thing you know you’re sitting on your couch, surfing on your laptop and your cycling routine is out the window. The solution is an indoor bike trainer that will transform your bicycle into a stationary exercise bike that you can ride in the comfort of your living room.

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    Still confused about what Bike Trainer you should buy? Look at our list of TOP PICKS. You can’t go wrong with one of these machines. Simply select a bike trainer from this list that meets your requirements and you will be training indoors in no time. TOP PICKS

FDW Magnet Steel Trainer

FDW Magnet Steel Trainer

The FDW Magnet Steel Trainer is a heavy duty machine. The rugged steel frame construction of this exercise bike stand ensures durability and an extend life. Engineered with an integral permanent magnet the FDW features five resistance settings…
Conquer 1F

Conquer Magnetic Stand Indoor Trainer

The Conquer Magnetic Stand indoor bike trainer machine is the ideal solution for cyclists who are trying to stay fit in the offseason. When the weather is bad outside, the Conquer Magnetic bike stand is the perfect solution so you can keep your…