FDW Magnet Steel Trainer

FDW Magnet Steel Trainer

The FDW Magnet Steel Trainer is a heavy duty machine. The rugged steel frame construction of this exercise bike stand ensures durability and an extend life. Engineered with an integral permanent magnet the FDW features five resistance settings to match your training level. The variable resistance feature makes this machine adaptable to all fitness levels and individual workout plans.

The machine has a wide operating range and can support 26”, 27” and 700cc wheels. Match the device to your wheel size with a simple adjustable knob. The versatile design can be used with both mountain bikes and road racing bikes. The easy fold up design makes it easy to stow the unit after each use. The overall dimensions are 21.4” x 19.4” x 15.5”.

Pros of the FDW Magnet Steel Trainer

Progressive Magnetic Resistance: As the speed of the bike increases the resistance of the machine increases.
Easy Installation: Straight forward, easy-to-follow instructions with detailed illustrations will have you up and running in minutes.

Detailed Instructions

FDW Magnet Steel Trainer
5 Resistance Settings with Remote Controls: Riders can adjust the resistance by selecting one of 5 unique resistance settings. Adjustments can be made while in use thanks to a remote control that mounts to the handlebars of your bike.
Folds Up for Storage: After your workout, you can quickly foldup the machine for storage. When in the folded position, the unit is small enough to take on the road if you want to use the trainer while you are travelling on vacation.

Cons of the FDW Magnet Steel Trainer

Noise Level: The FDW Magnet Steel Trainer can be slightly louder than some machines. Of course this won’t bother you at all if you listen to tunes on your iPhone during your workout. Tire tread design has some effect on the noise level. Street tires will be quitter than mountain bike tires.
Narrow Stance: The narrow frame may seem less stable than other larger machines, yet it is wide enough to provide enough stability for most riders. In fact, the narrow frame can be an asset if you have space restrictions in your home.
High Rear Wheel: With all riders the rear wheel is slightly higher than the front wheel. This issue is accentuated on this machine. Some riders will place a block under the front wheel of their bike to compensate.

The Verdict

A great machine with an affordable price for a beginner who doesn’t want to over-spend for their first indoor trainer. Shop for the best price on Amazon.

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