Conquer Orange Trainer

Orange 4F

The Conquer Orange Trainer provides superb value even though Conquer is not one of the big name brands in portable bike trainers. So why is this particular model such a big hit? Perhaps it is the heavy duty construction that parallels more expensive bike trainers. With a weight of 20 LBs the Conquer Orange Trainer is entirely built using metal components. There are no flimsy plastic brackets that will break off with limited use. Maybe it’s the aesthetic appearance? The bright orange color is popular with both men and women. The high-quality orange paint is professionally applied and will keep your machine looking great for years to come.

If you are highly motivated to get in shape, you can count on the Conquer Orange Trainer to provide a great workout. This model is a great choice for both casual riders and professional cyclist alike. The single adjustment of the magnetic resistance mechanism ensures that you can find the intensity you need to reach your fitness goals. While the magnetic drive may be slightly noisier than some of the high-end machines, the end caps on the feet will absorb some of the vibration and hence reduce the overall noise level.

The wide stance of the Conquer Orange Trainer provides excellent stability for an intense training session. The package includes a front riser block to keep your bicycle level during your workout. This can save you roughly $10 to $20 if you needed to purchase a riser block separately when it’s not included with other models. The riser block includes a skewer to easily and quickly attach it to the front wheel of your bike so it won’t move around during your ride.

The punch line is that this unit is the perfect choice for cyclists who want to maintain their training level over the cold winter months. Riding your bike indoors 2 or 3 times a week can keep you in shape and ready to roll again in spring.

Conquer Orange Trainer Features

Positive Features of the Conquer Orange Trainer

  • Versatility: Compatible with most 26 inch, 27 inch and 700cm bikes.
  • Progressive Magnet: The faster you pedal, the greater the resistance. Features a single adjustment lever for quick setup.
  • Stability: The wide frame provides riding stability. The non-slip mounting cups and front wheel riser with mounting skewer keep your bike in place during a vigorous workout.
  • Quick Setup: Connect your bike quickly using the easy-to-use mounting latches. The stand folds up with ease when you complete your routine.
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