Conquer Magnetic Stand Indoor Trainer

Conquer 1F

The Conquer Magnetic Stand indoor bike trainer machine is the ideal solution for cyclists who are trying to stay fit in the offseason. When the weather is bad outside, the Conquer Magnetic bike stand is the perfect solution so you can keep your training regiment going. This heavy duty, magnetic resistance trainer will allow you can get your workout in regardless of the weather outside. When you purchase a magnetic indoor bike stand, you can keep your training plan active year round so you can stay in shape.

Don’t let the low cost of this model fool you. The Conquer Magnetic Stand is a heavy duty bike trainer that is built to last. The sturdy steel construction ensures reliability even with extensive use. This particular model is easy to setup and just as easy to fold and stow when not in use. So whether you are using the stand in your garage, your den, or a dedicated exercise room you can spend more time riding and less time fiddling with setup tools.

The Conquer Magnetic Stand is compatible with most wheel sizes including 26 inch wheels, 27 inch wheels, and 700cm bikes. A front wheel riser block is included in the package to keep your bicycle level while training. The versatile design of this stand can accommodate both road bikes and mountain bikes. Both street racers and off-road enthusiasts alike can stay in shape in the offseason using an indoor rider.

Whether you are an experienced cyclists or a novice rider the Conquer can get the job done. A single adjustment knob is used to manually increase or decrease the resistance to suit your specific training needs. In addition, the progressive magnet will boost resistance as you increase your speed while you ride.

Conquer Magnetic Stand Features

Design Elements of the Conquer Magnetic Stand

  • Stability: The wide stance of this trainer provides stability when in use. The non-slip feet cups and non-slip front wheel riser will keep your bike in place during an intensive workout. You won’t find your bike walking across the floor while you are trying to complete your routine.
  • Quick Setup: The quick release mechanism with sturdy mounting clips facilitates a speedy setup. You will spend more time riding and less time turning wrenches.
  • Quiet Operation: The Conquer Magnetic Stand is a quiet machine so you won’t wake up everyone in your home when you start your early morning workout. The feet cups and wheel riser help to dampen the noise absorb vibration.
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