Buyers Guide

When searching for the perfect stationary bike stand there are several things you need to consider prior to making your purchase. There is often a tradeoff between the best quality and the lowest price. You also need to contemplate which features are most important to you personally. This buyers guide covers a few of the options you should consider before making your final decision.

Heavy Duty Mag Drive

Not all mag drives are created equal. One of the major differences between the low cost units and the high-end machines is the design of the magnetic resistance units. The high-end machines tend to have a larger, heavier drive. These high-quality drives are built to tighter standards for quieter operation and longer life. The Kinetic Drive is ultra-quiet & extremely smooth.LEARN MORE

Quick Clamp

Who wants to waste time mounting your bike before every workout? It’s hard enough to get motivated to exercise without the thought of mounting your bike with complicated clamps or even worse the need for tools. Make sure you purchase a mag trainer that is easy to use and has a simple quick-clamp mechanism like the Bell Motivator. Most of the trainers arrive 100% assembled and ready to use. Be leery of those that say “Some Assembly Required”. LEARN MORE

Remote Adjustment

Most of the Bike Trainer MAG drives provide progressive resistance, meaning the faster you peddle the greater the resistance for a more intense workout. Some of the more expensive trainers feature a remote adjustment so you can physically alter the resistance in the middle of your workout. The remote adjuster quickly clamps onto the handlebars of your bicycle for easy access. More serious riders may want this feature as found on the RAD Cycle MAX Racer. LEARN MORE


Make sure your bicycle is compatible with the trainer you want to buy. Most trainers can accommodate 26 inch, 27 inch & 700cm bikes. Very few models can handle the oversize 29 inch bikes. Not all trainers can accommodate wider mountain bike tires. The Conquer Magnetic stand is versatile and be use with both street bikes and mountain bikes. LEARN MORE

Front Wheel Riser

With virtually all indoor bike trainers, the front wheel of your bicycle will sit lower than the rear wheel which is mounted in the stand. Depending on the severity of the angle this can feel awkward for the rider. The solution to this common problem is a front wheel riser or wheel block, which is included in some, but not all packages. The Kinect Trainer includes a unique adjustable Front Wheel Riser. If the model you select doesn’t have a front wheel riser you can always purchase one separately on Amazon for about ten dollars. LEARN MORE