Bell Motivator MAG Trainer


If you are searching for an affordable yet solid bike training stand, the Bell Motivator MAG Trainer may be just what you need. Get your ride in, regardless of the weather conditions outside. Ride inside your home on the Bell Motivator and enjoy a smooth quiet training session. The progressive magnetic resistance of the MAG Trainer increases in resistance as you gain speed. For even greater resistance shift the gears on your bicycle and you will notice a tremendous jump in intensity.

If you own an indoor trainer, you can obtain a full workout even when it’s raining outside. When the weather clears and you’re ready to hit the streets with your bike again, the quick-release clamps of this model will have you on the road again in no time. Setting up the machine is a snap as well, you will be on your bike and enjoying a brisk ride in under two minutes. The built in double adjustment device allows you to center your bike on the machine for a super smooth & stable ride.

The compact design of the Bell Motivator MAG Trainer makes storage a non-issue. At just 20 LBs with overall dimensions of 8.5” x 20.6” x 22.1” you can easily find a place to stow the unit, even if you live in a small apartment. If you use it in your garage, fold it flat and hang it on a couple of hooks on the wall so the stand is out of the way and waiting for another rainy day.
If you decide to go with the Bell Motivator MAG Trainer you won’t be disappointed. This machine offers a great mix of value, price, and quality. It appears that the engineers at Bell have done their homework on this model. The only thing missing is a front wheel riser but you can find one of these for about ten bucks on Amazon.


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Features of the Bell Motivator MAG Trainer

  • Quick Setup: Mount your bike in a snap using the quick-clamps, and when it comes time to ride outside your bike quickly detaches from the trainer using the same quick-clamp mechanism.
  • Double Adjustment: The unique double adjustment makes it easy to center your bike within the frame for a smooth & steady ride every time.
  • Fully Assembled: Arrives fully assembled and ready for use. The overall dimensions of the stand are 8.5” wide x 20.6” high x 22.1” deep.
  • Extended Warranty: Bell stands behind its product with a 5 year Extended manufacturer’s warranty.

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